Cookie Policy

GAMELEARN SL’s Cookies Policy applies to the domains and subdomains listed below: 

1. What are cookies?

The Website GAMELEARN S.L. (hereinafter the Website) uses Cookies. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server in order to record a User’s activities on a specific website. The main purpose of Cookies is to provide the user with faster access to selected services. Additionally, Cookies personalize the services offered by the Website, providing each user information that is or that may be of interest to them, based on their use of the Services.

The Website uses Cookies to personalize and facilitate user navigation as much as possible. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and their computer. They do not provide any information or references that would allow the user’s personal data to be deduced. The user may configure their browser settings to notify and reject the installation of Cookies sent by the Website without affecting the user’s ability to access the contents of said website. However, we do point out that, in that case, the quality and operation of the website may be diminished.

Thanks to the combination of data stored in the cookies and the personal data shared at the time of registration, registered users who are logged in will be able to benefit from more personalized services oriented towards their profile Said users expressly authorize the use of this information for the indicated purpose, without detriment to their right to reject or disable the use of cookies.

Likewise, the Website will be informed of all services requested by the users, so that the latter will be able to facilitate or offer adequate information about their preferences.

2. What types of cookies are there?

Cookies, depending on their Permanence, can be divided into two types:

Session cookiesThey expire when the user closes the browser.
Persistent cookiesThey expire after fulfilling their purpose (e.g. for the user to remain identified in the Services) or when they are manually deleted.

Depending on their Owner, these cookies can be divided into:

Own cookies Those sent to the user’s computer or device from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
Third-party cookiesThose sent to the user’s computer or device from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

Additionally, depending on their Objective, Cookies can be classified as follows:

Performance cookiesThis type of cookie remembers your preferences for the tools found in the services. This way you do not have to reconfigure the service each time you visit. For example:
Volume settings for video or audio players.
Video playback speeds, to make sure they are compatible with your browser.
Geolocation cookiesThese cookies are used to find out which country a user is in when a service is requested. This cookie is completely anonymous and is only used to help orient the content to his or her location.
Registration cookiesRegistration Cookies are generated once the user has registered or has subsequently opened a session and are used to identify the user within the services for the following objectives:
Keeping the user identified so that, if they close the service, browser, or computer then re-enter at another time or date, they will continue to be identified, thus facilitating their browsing without having to identify themselves again. The user can turn off this functionality by clicking “close session.” By doing so, the cookie will be eliminated and the next time the user enters the service, the user will have to log in again to be identified.
Check if the user is authorized to access certain services, e.g. participating in a contest.
Analytical cookiesEach time a User uses a service, a tool from an external provider generates an analytical Cookie on the user’s computer. This Cookie, which is only generated during the visit, will serve in future visits to the Website’s Services to identify the visitor anonymously. The main objectives are to:
Allow the anonymous identification of users (the cookie identifies browsers and devices, not people) and therefore get an approximate count of the number of visitors and their tendencies over time.
Anonymously identify the most visited content and, therefore, discern what is the most attractive to users.
Learn if the accessing user is new or is a repeat user.
Important: Unless the user decides to register for the Website’s service, this cookie will never be associated with any personal data that could be used to identify them. These cookies will only be used for statistical purposes that help to optimize the User’s experience on the site.
Behavioral advertising cookiesThis type of cookie allows users to widen the information of the advertisements shown to each anonymous user using the Website’s Services. Among other aspects, how often and how long a user views advertising positions, their interaction with them, and the user’s browsing patterns and/or behaviors will be stored, as they help to form a profile of advertising interests. In this way, these cookies allow the user to see advertising that meets their interests.
Third-party advertising cookiesIn addition to the advertising managed by the Website on its Services, the Website offers its advertisers the option of delivering advertisements through third parties (“AdServers”). In this way, these third parties can store cookies sent from the Website’s Services coming from the Users’ browsers as well as access the data stored in them.

3. What cookies do we use?

We use the following cookies on our website:

Own Cookies

*:session-dataMarketing/Trackinggame-learn.com182 daysDetects where the user is coming from in order to analyze the different sources of origin.
ReturningSessionMarketing/Trackinggame-learn.com182 daysDetects where the user is coming from in order to analyze the different sources of origin.
persist: the cookies to have a certain time before they expire.NOT NECESSARY is used to manage the state of the web application, that is, at the time of loading.NOT NECESSARY
ViewedExitPopupWPFunctionalgamelearn.com2 díasIt is necessary for the website’s options and services.NOT NECESSARY
FirstSessionMarketing/Trackinggame-learn.com182 díasDetects where the user is coming from in order to analyze the different sources of origin.
cli_user_preferenceFunctionalgame-learn.comPer sessionThis cookie is saved by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to record whether or not the user has consented to the use of cookies.It does not store any personal data.
CookieLawInfoConsentMarketing/Trackinggame-learn.com1 yearIt stores the user’s cookie consent status.htttps://
loglevelMarketing/Trackinggame-learn.comDoes not expireIt collects data on the user’s interaction with the Website’s audiovisual content. This information is used to make the video content more relevant to the visitor.

Third-Party Cookies

Cookie Notice for GDPR
NAMETYPEDOMAINEXPIRATIONFUNCTIONLINK not expireCheck if cookies can be installed.
Popup Maker
pum-* yearsCreate pop-ups.
GDPR Cookie Consent
NAMETYPEDOMAINEXPIRATIONFUNCTIONLINK not expireSave if a message has been displayed. the end of the session.Check if cookies can be installed. the end of the session.Check if cookies can be installed.
Google Analytics
_gaStatistics (anonymous).game-learn.com2 yearsPrepare website analytics and, more specifically, count and track page visits.You can find additional information on data sharing here: https: //
_gidStatistics (anonymous).game-learn.com1 dayPrepare website analytics and, more specifically, count and track page visits.
FacebookAs a general rule, they are used to show recent social media posts and/or buttons to share content on social media sites. These cookies are specified below.
_fbpMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com3 monthsSave visits across multiple sites.You can find additional information on data sharing here:
actppresenceMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com1 yearManage the frequency of the advertising displayed.
_fbcMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com2 yearsStore the last visit.
fbm*Marketing/Trackingfacebook.com1 yearThis is a Facebook cookie that helps us establish which users have chosen to link their account to their Facebook account.
xsMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com3 monthsStore identifiers of unique sessions.
frMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com3 monthsEnable ad publication or retargeting.
atrMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com2 yearsAt each login, this security system, called “Delta,” checks if the user’s account is being used fraudulently by a third party.
sbMarketing/Trackingfacebook.com2 years
(30 days)
Save browser details.
These cookies are established when explicit consent is given and the user is connected to Facebook.
*_fbm_Marketing/Trackingfacebook.com1 yearThis is a Facebook cookie that helps us establish which users have chosen to link their account to their Facebook account.
wdFunctionalfacebook.com1 weekDetermine the screen resolution.
actFunctionalfacebook.com90 daysKeep users logged in.
c_userFunctionalfacebook.com90 daysSave a unique user ID.
csmFunctionalfacebook.com90 daysCheck at each login if the user’s account is being used fraudulently by a third party.
presenceFunctionalfacebook.comAt the end of the session.Store and track if the browser tab is active.
Generate heat maps and screen recording.
SL_C_*_VIDMarketing/Trackingwww.smartlook.com2 daysGenerate heatmap and user usage. can find additional information on data sharing here:
SL_C_*_KEYMarketing/Trackingwww.smartlook.com2 daysGenerate heatmap and user usage
smartlook_ban_reasonEstadísticawww.smartlook.comDoes not expireThis cookie is used to detect errors on the website. This information is sent to the Website’s technical staff to improve the visitor experience.
SL_C_*_SIDMarketing/Trackingwww.smartlook.com2 daysSmartlook for anonymous control of individual site visitors, which memorizes various cookies.
smartlook_ban_expireMarketing/Trackingwww.smartlook.comDoes not expireCollects information about user preferences and/or interaction with web campaign’s content. It’s used in the CRM campaign platform used by website’s owners to promote events or products.
Google Tag Manager
Website statistics.
_gcl_auMarketing/ not expireStore and track conversions.
(Purchases, clicks on links, and forms filled out)
_gat_UA-* the end of the session.Cookies that are installed by Google Analytics and allow Gamelearn to analyze the Website’s user experience.
Local management.
pll_languageTé 6 hoursSave settings for the chosen language.
Website security.
wfwaf-authcookie-* hoursDetermine if the user is online. information on data sharing can be found here:
SiteGroundWebsite hosting.
NAMETYPEDOMAINEXPIRATIONFUNCTIONLINK not expireThis cookie bypasses the cache when connected so it can verify the changes made.
When users log out, we change the value of the cookie. can find additional information on data sharing here:
Show videos.
GPSMarketing/Trackinggoogle.comAt the end of the session.Save location data. can find additional information on data sharing here:
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEFunctionalgoogle.com6 monthsEstimate bandwidth.
YSCEstadísticasgoogle.comAt the end of the session.Save a unique user ID.
PREFMarketing/Trackinggoogle.com1 yearSave visits across multiple sites.
Show recent social media posts and/or buttons to share content on social media sites.
bcookieMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com2 yearsThis is a browser identifying cookie used to identify devices that access LinkedIn and detect abuse on the platform can find additional information on data sharing here:
li-oatmlMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com1 monthEnable ad publication or retargeting.
li_sugrMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com3 monthsUsed to perform a probability match of the identity of a user outside the designated countries.
UserMatchHistoryMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com30 daysEnable ad publication or retargeting.
LidcMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com1 dayTo optimize the selection of the data center.
bscookieMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.com2 yearsUsed to save a registered user’s 2FA status.
X-LI-IDCMarketing/Trackingwww.linkedin.comAt the end of the session.Provide cross-page functionality.
BizographicsOptOutFunctionalwww.linkedin.com10 yearsGuardar preferencias de privacidad.
linkedin_oauth_Functionalwww.linkedin.comAt the end of the session.Provide cross-page functionality.
NAMETYPEDOMAINEXPIRATIONFUNCTIONLINK daysDetermine which cookie banner to display.
cmplz_choiceMarketing/ daysSave if a message has been discarded.
cmplz_idMarketing/ daysStore anonymous statistics.
cmplz_event_0Marketing/ daysThe user has consent for a custom event defined by the Website’s owner.
cmplz_marketingMarketing/ daysSave cookie consent preferences.
cmplz_statsMarketing/ daysThe user has given their consent in regards to statistics.
complianz_policy_idMarketing/ daysStore the ID of the accepted cookie policy.
complianz_consent_statusMarketing/ daysSave cookie consent preferences.
PARDOT (SaleForce)
visitor_id*Marketing/TrackingSalesforce/Pardot10 yearsPardot uses its own cookies for tracking purposes and third party cookies for redundancy. Pardot cookies do not store personal information, only a unique identifier.
visitor_id*-hashMarketing/TrackingSalesforce/Pardot10 yearsPardot uses its own cookies for tracking purposes and third party cookies for redundancy. Pardot cookies do not store personal information, only a unique identifier.
algoliasearch-client-jsFunctionalalgolia.comDoes not expireRequired to optimize the function of the Website’s search bar. The cookie guarantees fast and accurate search results.
wistiaMarketing/Rastreo not expireVideo viewing service. It collects user information.
apc_next_content_idFunctional minStores the ID of the flow to know when the redirect is complete.

4. How to disable Cookies?

It’s generally possible to stop accepting browser cookies — or stop accepting cookies from a specific Service.

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the “options” or “preferences” section of your browser menu. You can also configure your browser or email manager as well as install free plug-ins to prevent web bugs from being downloaded when opening an email.

The Website offers the User guidance regarding the steps to accessing the cookies menu and, where applicable, private browsing in each of the main browsers:

Internet ExplorerTools → Internet → Options → Privacy Settings.
For more information, contact Microsoft support or consult the browser’s Help function.
Microsoft EdgeSettings and more → Settings → Clear browsing data.
FirefoxTools → Options → Privacy → History → Custom settings.
ChromeSettings → Advanced settings → Privacy & Security → Clear browsing data.
SafariPreferences Security.
For more information, contact Apple support or consult the browser’s Help function.

5. Can changes be made to the Cookie Policy?

The Website may modify the Cookie Policy depending on legislative and regulatory requirements or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. For this reason, users are advised to revisit it periodically.

When significant changes occur in this Cookie Policy, users will be notified either on the website or by email to registered users.

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