20 leadership tips to improve your skills

Leadership is a long-distance run. Keeping our team motivated is essential to reach our goals. Finding a way to motivate yourself and convey that mood to your team is key to move forward. Take a note of these tips to strengthen self-motivation, inspire others and improve your leadership skills:

1. Get inspired

True motivation is inside oneself. Find what it is that inspires you, visualize your goals. If we are not motivated, we won’t be able to lead our team.

2. Think of the rest

Care about people, make them know you count on them and you want the best for your team.

3. Push away the negative

Drive negative people away from your team. Reject those ideas that bring the team’s spirits down.

4. Recruit positive people

Same as you must avoid unhealthy relationships, be sure to open the door to those that provide motivation and satisfaction to the team.

5. Appeal to values

Find out what’s important for your team and turn it into a driving force for motivation.

6. Celebrate small achievements

No matter how small the triumph you and your team achieved; it will be a great source of motivation.

7. Reward your team

There are many ways of rewarding good performance and the capability of being able to achieve important goals. The team will see it as an incentive to keep moving on the right direction.

8. Trust and delegate

Trust your team and delegate tasks. You will find that things can be done in many different ways and you will encourage creativity.

9. Get your team involved

Ask them how they are helping each other. Encourage them to improve.

10. Be transparent

Share information. Your team must know the circumstances which have an effect on the project they are part of.

11. Report problems

For that very reason, you must report problems. Working together, the situation will be faced more efficiently and finding solutions and alternatives will be easier.

12. Congratulate and don’t point the finger

Avoid pointing the finger to a specific person when there are mistakes, on the contrary, try to emphasize good performance whenever it happens. Positive feedback is fundamental to keep motivation and strengthen leadership.

13. Develop the potential of your team

Start training projects for your team to improve their skills, for example, time management. More than 500 companies, many of them multinationals, have already implemented Triskelion, the course-videogame on productivity, among their employees.

14. Demand

Good leadership is demanding, step away from mediocrity. True motivation only appears by overcoming difficulties.

15. Ask

Ask people what it is that motivates them and also the things that discourage them. Work on taking the discouraging aspects out of the equation and focus on that which encourages them.

16. Pinpoint “motivators”

Those who work enthusiastically and pass it on to the rest of the team. Make the professional development of these people a priority.

17. Don’t be afraid

Mistakes make you learn. Don’t be afraid of possible mistakes because of wrong decision making.

18. Finish what you start

As Triskelion course-videogame in productivity and time management teaches, do one thing at a time, and do it through to the end. Avoid leaving something half done so as to be more productive and more aware of your progress.

19. Team up

Strengthen the team’s unity by doing activities to change daily routine, for instance, cultural acts, team buildings, or meetings outside the office.

20. Don’t give up!

The key to success is to persevere. Every leader knows that giving up is not an option, even though it is wise to know how to quit intelligently.

What about you? What do you do to be a good leader?

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  1. Ahmed hope

    Ahmed hope

    Really it helps alot and alot thank you so much.

  2. Jagunmolu AbdulFatai Ad

    Jagunmolu AbdulFatai Ad

    Thanks for this great article. I have been a leader that leads with cool heads, lately I find my people performance getting low, and I changed it to aggressive leadership. Is there any issue with that

  3. Tom


    Great Post! All the point you have mentioned above is really helpful to become a good leader. In addition, if the organization will give leadership training also increase employee & leadership, commitment through learning & development.

    • Gamelearn


      Thanks for your comment!

      Happy to help 🙂

  4. Dimenzion3


    Thanks for such a helpful post.

  5. Darari Katelo

    Darari Katelo

    great leaders don’t tell you what to do ………….. they show you how its done

  6. dorcus


    I’m aheadteacher. I write recommendation letters to the performing teachers

  7. Stephen


    Great ideas.

  8. Angelika. Bajo

    Angelika. Bajo

    Give an excellent impact on reading all these.

  9. Denisse


    I just became a team leader at my job and this is really helpful for me.

  10. kiran sahu

    kiran sahu

    Thanks for posting your blog I like it it has impressive points which help to know how should one improve there decision making skills..
    Do keep posting..!!

  11. Ashok kharbanda

    Ashok kharbanda

    Good ideas…..

  12. raghavan


    excellent, keep the flag flying

  13. Kevin Balsara

    Kevin Balsara

    nice article. Really liked it.

  14. Engr. Md. Humayun Kabir

    Engr. Md. Humayun Kabir

    Thank you so much for your valuable articles it’s really helpful for my future….

  15. Ebenezer


    So inspired.

  16. Sally Smith

    Sally Smith

    Loving the Human Factors approach !

  17. Elena


    Great article!

  18. Tsebeletso Moses Nyofane

    Tsebeletso Moses Nyofane

    I put my teams’ needs ahead of mine,try to come with more positive ideas that can strengthen our team work.

  19. Anil


    Nice awesome ideas. If we follow all, then definitely one day we become a good team leader

  20. Srini


    Valuable points mentioned to become a good leader

  21. talha


    very motivatinl thanx for sharing

  22. prabhakar


    thanks. good motivated skills.

  23. Houn Seila

    Houn Seila

    I need to learn this skill

  24. Baba


    Learning new skills made today’s human beings. A very good insights you have given. loves your thoughts. Thanks

  25. B. Manfield

    B. Manfield

    It is really bad advise to push away the negative. You should never drive negative people away from your team, you should you should challenge them and motivate them to see the positive, rejecting any idea will cause issues within a team. As a leader it is your role to ensure that all ideas are heard and as a team, discuss pro & cons and then move forward with each person taking some kind of responsibility to the success of that idea. Giving people who lack motivation a sense of responsibility in their work will drive them to achieve positive results. Driving negativity away is not what leaders do.

    • Gamelearn Team

      Gamelearn Team

      It’s a good point, indeed. The best leaders should be able to redirect negativity into motivation or positive thinking. We see what you mean, and agree with that too.

  26. Dnial Wilson

    Dnial Wilson

    I think this information will be helpful for everyone who wants to become a successful leader in this ultra-modern era.

  27. Baleegha


    Thanks for this article ?

  28. Baleegha


    I inspired?

  29. Tameka hudson

    Tameka hudson

    I find it very interesting

  30. john barley

    john barley

    The most important factor is UNDERSTANDING THE WHY of the business and understanding the WHY and the WAI of the leader . What are the values of the leader?

  31. Alice Carroll

    Alice Carroll

    You made a good point that figuring out key motivators will help in ensuring a a more productive team later down the line. I think that’s one important skill to develop if I want to run my own business someday. If it becomes quite feasible in my lifestyle to start my own clothing boutique like I used to dream about, I think undergoing a corporate leadership training program would benefit me well.

  32. Samyak sharma

    Samyak sharma

    Thanks! You give very good info!

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