4 disruptive companies in the financial sector that successfully used Gamelearn’s courses

More than a time of change, we are in a change of era, marked by the technological innovations of disruptive companies. It is true, that since the beginning of technology, changes have been the order of the day; however, the development of companies, through technology, has never been as transcendental as it is now.

There are few companies that know how to take advantage of technological advances in their favor, but those that dare to improve their dynamics, manage to renew the formats and are committed to reaching the company’s maximum potential. 

Within the industries that use technology as a tool at the service of humans, we find the disruptive companies in the financial sector that thanks to game-based learning with Gamelearn have achieved results never seen before seen. Check their experiences:

1. CaixaBank 

CaixaBank is one of the three most important financial institutions in Spain, with almost 14 million customers and more than 32,000 employees. In search of improvements, since the beginning of 2016, they decided to establish a game-based learning program within the company. 

CaixaBank’s main objective was to promote the negotiation skills of their employees to boost positive results within the company.

Merchants is the serious game they chose, as it offers 6 simulations of real negotiation and conflict resolution cases. The attractive format was one of the aspects that motivated the employees to update their training.

CaixaBank’s commitment to gamified training contributed to a 40% increase in new business acquisition. At the same time, there was a 15% increase in the annual turnover of the company’s 20 largest agreements.

2. Banesco

Banesco is the leading private banking company in Venezuela, with more than six million clients and an international presence with offices in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

In a financial climate characterized by high competitiveness among companies and the development of new technologies, Banesco is committed to internal innovation in order to adapt to changes and offer the right solutions to 21st-century clients.

The great challenge: to develop the digital transformation with game-based learning. To this end, they have used courses from the Gamelearn online platform such as Pacific, which focuses on leadership and management of teams with up to date characteristics.

“With this training, we cultivated self-development and self- learning. The student could find the best way to approach the games. Employees could do them from the computer, on their tablets or cell phones. Wherever! Anytime and anywhere.” Deycaris Muñoz | Development and Training Manager at Banesco Panama.

Pacific, serious game on leadership

3. Sareb

The Society for the Management of Assets from Bank Restructuring, better known by its acronym, Sareb, is a financial institution that, since its foundation in 2012, has had the objective of helping to clean up the Spanish financial sector, with special emphasis on entities with massive exploitation problems in the real estate sector. 

At Sareb, they focus on employee development, and, to this end, they have carried out value-added initiatives to increase the capabilities of their teams. Through Gamelearn’s training video games they achieved:

  • Develop employees’ soft skills through experiential learning.
  • Attract new talent and retain others with a 27% reduction in the turnover rate.
  • Consolidate the company’s culture and differentiate itself from the rest. They generated a 28% increase in employee commitment to the company.

4. BNP Paribas

One of the leading banks in France and Spain is BNP Paribas, which has been in business for two decades. 

As part of the adaptation process they have undergone since then, the company implemented an internal onboarding tool to improve internal communication and enhance team engagement. The tool used was ADA, the serious game through which companies can incorporate their new employees and give them the foundation they need in an innovative, fun, and efficient way.

In the words of Carlos Herrera, HR Project Manager:

“It fits very well with these new generations, people who are asking you for self-learning. People who also ask you, through a digital medium, for innovative things and everything fits perfectly, so the bet was for sure”.

We hope that these examples will serve as inspiration to companies in this sector. If so, don’t wait any longer, contact us! and join the disruptive companies of this 2020.

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