Gamelearn Attending Zukunft Personal, the Most Important Corporate Training Event in Germany

This week we are taking the plane to land at Zunkuft Personal in Cologne, the most important corporate training event in Germany. We are attending the meeting, held on October 18, 19 and 20, as sponsors and we are participating with the rest of experts to share the latest trends in talent management.

Zunkuft Personal is one of the most important events in Europe in the field of Human Resources. During these days, Cologne becomes the world capital of corporate training, hosting renowned speakers and visionaries to discuss issues related to the latest trends.

Our colleague Banu Katircioglu will be in charge of Gamelearn’s talk, on October 20 at 13:00 local time, titled ‘How game-based learning and gamification can boost engagement’

In Gamelearn, we want to explain to the German audience why traditional e-learning is boring, inefficient and unable to motivate the student. That lack of appeal of nowadays online training means that only a 30% of students manage to complete the courses (according to a study by Forrester Research), a very low ratio which translates to a very high cost for companies. The ratio of employees who voluntarily access training platforms is even lower.

Therefore, the challenge is to increase the commitment (engagement) of workers when facing a training experience. That engagement can be increased thanks to game-based learning, capable of achieving completion rates above 90%, something unimaginable, but nevertheless possible through the use of simulators and video games.

This is the case of Gamelearn’s serious games, specially designed for the development of soft skills such as negotiation and conflict resolution, time management and personal productivity, leadership and team management, customer service and communication. A series of skills that cannot be learned in classrooms or through books: to achieve real, effective learning these skills need to be practiced. The simulators Merchants, Triskelion and Pacific make it possible to practice in a safe environment.

Zunkuft Personal is a unique opportunity to share experiences with specialists and experts about innovative Human Resources management formats, such as our game-based learning platform, the most awarded platform in the world. Over 1,000 corporate clients worldwide endorse the success of our games and simulators, with which Gamelearn has achieved completion, recommendation and applicability rates above 90%.

What: Zunkuft Personal 2016 | ‘How game-based learning and gamification can boost engagement’
Who: Gamelearn, Corporate Learning & Working sponsorship
Where: Cologne (Germany)
When: October 18-20, 2016

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