8 Benefits of Gamifying your Company

Implementing gamification programs in the company presents many advantages and benefits. More and more organizations are choosing to implement these gaming techniques to improve productivity and competitiveness of their teams. These are the benefits of gamifying your company:

1. Improves your productivity

It is not a secret that the more motivated we are, the more productive we become in our workplaces. Using game dynamics to increase the skills of employees leads to an increase in productivity, as a result of generating a relaxed and collaborative environment.

2. Increases motivation

Gamification uses a goal, achievements, and rewards system which encourages employee motivation and thus, improves the productivity of the whole organization. By implementing gamified products, there is an increase of employee satisfaction and performance.

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3. Encourages creativity

There are very well-known companies (the all-powerful Google is an example), that spend a great part of their employees’ working day encouraging creativity through playful activities. Creativity and commitment drastically improve with the workers’ participation in this kind of programs.

4. Strengthens communication processes

Human Resources departments, usually responsible for implementing gamified techniques for the training of employees, see their efforts acknowledged through the feedback they receive from employees. Internal communication between departments is improved and is more fluid.

5. Favors employee’s engagement

Gaming techniques encourage employee engagement. By applying gamified techniques for their training, workers acquire a greater commitment to the organization and their sense of belonging to a team increases. Through game-based learning it is easier to generate a greater identification with the company’s goal.

6. Introduces innovative dynamics

Gamification in the company allows to introduce innovation in our organization, another key aspect leading a project towards success. Game-based learning for the development of skills is a growing trend for the potential growth of both the business and the employee.

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7. Develops specific skills

Thanks to gamification, companies can focus on improving or developing specific skills on their teams. Gamifying training programs will be useful to make employees improve those essential aspects to progress in several areas: leadership, stress management, communication skills, negotiation skills, etc.

8. Transmits corporate image

The possibilities offered by gamification are many and very extensive, and they also cover the possibility of transmitting, internally speaking, the corporate image of the company to workers. In these cases, gamified programs act as an internal communication tool to attract potential candidates who may want to join the organization, as well as to strengthen the role of the staff. With gaming dynamics, communication is easier, and it is also simpler to transmit and explain the characteristics of the economic sector our organization belongs to, its difficulties and its potential as a company.

There are many companies that have decided to implement game-based learning methodologies guided by Gamelearn, leading developer of serious games for corporate training. The use of game dynamics to learn management skills has proven to be a successful bet for thousands of HR departments.

What other benefits do you think gamifying your company has?

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