Companies doing employer branding right

Most companies focus on investing their time and money into providing an eye-catching product or service to attract and retain potential customers. To do this they listen to the needs of their target audience, carry out pre-launch tests of new products, and nurture relationships with their clients. However, do they invest the same time and money into their employees?

This is where employer branding comes in. It helps find and retain talent and improves the company culture. 

Benefits of quality employer branding

Employer branding has proved to be a major ally for HR departments who seek to improve the work environment and results of their company. When applied correctly, employer branding can:

  • Attract new professional profiles. 80% of talent acquisition specialists confirm that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to attract and hire the best talent.
  • Save in costs during the onboarding process. A brand’s bad reputation can increase a company’s costs by at least 10% per contract.
  • Boost business ethics.
  • Multiply ROI. 96% of companies say employer branding and employer reputation can positively or negatively influence income.
  • Encourage talent retention, reducing employee turnover by up to 28% when investing in employer branding.
  • Improve the work environment, combined with other important elements such as continuous training.
  • Promote client confidence. It’s been demonstrated that 64% of consumers stop buying a specific brand if they know that the company doesn’t treat its employees well.

But does employer branding work the same for companies in different sectors? Let’s look at some examples.

Top employer brands in different industries

On a day like today, Gamelearn launched its first annual report, ‘Contradictions of Corporate Training 2021’. The report contains important data on the perceptions of more than 500 employees from different sectors on the employer brands of various organizations.

Some of the most interesting findings are:

  1. Pfizer tops the ranking of the companies with the best employer branding campaigns in the pharmaceutical sector, which shows that media presence can be a good ally to some.
  2. L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble stand out as having the best recruitment campaigns in the health and beauty industry.
  3. Among consumer goods companies, Coca-Cola excels at conveying its employees’ growth opportunities through its brand campaigns.
  4. And Bank of America, followed by Santander, seem to be the most attractive financial institutions to work for.

Want to get the full results with the opinions of more than 1,500 HR professionals and employees? Click here to download the report.

Contradictions of Corporate training 2021

With 40% of companies prioritizing their customers and 54% prioritizing their employees, it’s a key moment to foster your company’s growth from the inside out. 

Remember, investing in talent is a safe bet for business development, meeting goals, and exceeding expectations. There are already professionals in these fields using continuous training based on video games to enhance their teams’ skills and surpass the results of the company. Download Gamelearn’s full report to understand the benefits of this option in driving the employer brand.

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