Customizable video games: one step further in corporate training gamification

Many companies’ digital transformation involves innovation in employee training and their internal communications. Gamification and game-based learning have become increasingly effective tools for achieving this, involving students as much as possible. That’s why more and more fans of this type of learning are popping up in Human Resources and Training & Development departments.

By turning this growing trend on its head, organizations are tending to demand flexible products that integrate play-based elements, or are actual video games, and can adapt to any training or communication need. In this case, profitability would be highest: a single game capable of responding to different training or awareness-raising purposes can save time and resources.

A flexible, social, reusable, and easy to manage video game

Mars, Gamelearn’s customizable serious game, designed to train and communicate on any subject, aims to meet the demands of the corporate training and communication sector. The expectation generated around a video game like this was evident during the last Demo Day that the company organized in Madrid, attended by some of its customers, eager to learn a new way to engage their employees.

Training and professional development managers of different teams in various companies were surprised by the potential of a video game of this nature. In some of these organizations, such as Kyocera, video games had already been used to train specific skills, but Mars’ versatility opens new doors for them to explore in order to achieve their goals.

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