Gamelearn attending the 9th edition of Next Generation Learning in Madrid

In Gamelearn, we are attending, this next April 26th, the 9th edition of Next Generation Learning in Madrid, a unique meeting point for the latest trends in the corporate training sector and an ideal setting to establish networking with more than 20 prestigious learning managers.

Our presence in Next Generation Learning 2016 will allow us to chat with and meet HR managers, Training and Development managers and e-learning professionals from the many companies which will be present at this event.

Three of them, Fujitsu, AXA and Sanitas, will share the success of their training, launched after relying on the innovative solution provided by Gamelearn. Scheherazade Miletich, director of the development area in Fujitsu; Yolanda Otero, HR Training & Development manager in Axa; and Daniel Ferreiro, HR manager in Sanitas, decided to implement the game-based learning products developed by our company, and the result could not have been any more positive for those corporations.

The three managers will take part, together with our CEO Ibrahim Jabary, in the panel of experts at 12:15, grouped under the slogan: “Game-based learning, the future of corporate learning? How to apply game mechanics to encourage engagement and improve skills

During the session, attendees will deepen on new methodologies. Gamelearn, Fujitsu, AXA and Sanitas will bring to the table questions such as these:

  • How is the game evolving as a learning tool?
  • Why is it possible to learn while playing?
  • What are the areas and applications of Game-based learning?
  • What is the current position of companies with respect to gamified products? Also, what is the future of these innovative development tools?

In short, there are many challenges faced by training departments in order to manage the development and learning of workforces, which nowadays are composed of up to four different generations (the so-called Baby Boomers and Generations X, Y and Z).

The Next Generation Learning, held in the capital of Spain, will answer the questions raised by experts and professionals. The aim of this meeting is to reflect on how things are done and how they may be improved to adapt to the changing needs of workforces.

In collaboration with iiR Spain, the strong point of this event is the exchange of experiences, with off the record sessions, exhibition areas, interactive quizzes and the added value of the panels of experts, who will share their views through networking cycles.

More information
Where: Madrid
When: April 26th, 2016
Who: Gamelearn, Gold Sponsor.
What: Game-based learning, the future of corporate learning? How to apply game mechanics to encourage engagement and improve skills.

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