Gamelearn opens its subscription platform and increases its video games offer by 2020

During the Gamelearn Annual Event held in Madrid, the company’s CEO, Ibrahim Jabary, communicated the new business model to which the Spanish-based technology company adheres. The previous credit purchase system has now transformed into a subscription model similar to that offered by other platforms as a service.

Open access to all games

With the subscription the advantages are crystal clear to customers. For little more than it was to hire the use of a video game, it is now possible to access the whole platform. Therefore, you can create alternative learning itineraries depending on the objective of the training or communication each company needs for different groups of employees.

Ibrahim Jabary at the Gamelearn Annual Event in Madrid 2019

Gamelearn CEO, Ibrahim Jabary, introduces the new subscription model

It is a ‘flat rate’ option, more economical and flexible, which allows you to generate customized professional development routes, by selecting different complementary video games for the pursued aim.

The best platform for the most demanding users

The Gamelearn platform is becoming more powerful and its ability to host new serious games is expanding, which also makes the catalog offered by the company grow.

Beatriz Aguado, responsible for L&D at DKV

Beatriz Aguado, L&D Manager at DKV, explains their experience with Gamelearn

All the video games included in this attractive selection are grouped into two main types. On the one hand, we have games that deal with developing specific skills or address specific themes and, on the other, those that are capable of integrating any content and wrap it with a graphic story that engages the player. In addition, these customizable games can be used several times thanks to the use of gamification elements and mechanics which always hook the user.

Our success stories propel us to new challenges

Without a doubt, if there is something that makes Gamelearn evolve is the feedback we receive from its customers. Their input is always heard and becomes a tool of unquestionable value in regards to our constant improvement towards the best direction.

One of these clients, DKV’s Head of Training gladly agreed to share their company’s experience with Gamelearn’s platform during the event held in Madrid. Beatriz Aguado insisted Gamelearn had allowed them to develop a strategy aligned with DKV values, related to innovation, digital transformation, customer experience care and agile methodology. In her words, it was “a very fresh training that perfectly integrates the values ​​of DKV”.

Mai Apraiz at Madrid Gamelearn Annual Event 2019

Mai Apraiz, cofounder of Gamelearn, talks about Canada’s National Bank case study

DKV is not an isolated case. In this same event, Mai Apraiz, CSO of Gamelearn, reviewed other recent success stories where the Gamelearn platform was at the fore:

  • Ford Mexico worked the motivation and involvement of its corporate culture for up to 8,000 distributors.
  • Coca-Cola FEMSA promoted the leadership of 1,200 managers from its bottling plants.
  • Tetra Pak introduced basic elements for its digital transformation to 24,000 employees.
  • At GNP Seguros, 4,500 agents have gone through a training itinerary to improve customer service skills.
  • At National Bank of Canada, more than 5,000 sales agents are developing their sales capabilities.
  • Iberia has managed to promote a culture change within the company.
  • BMW has trained technicians and vendors for its new generation of hybrid cars.

In short, all these success stories are an inspiration to keep moving forward. A new Gamelearn era is coming. A more open era, with the answers to even more needs and where learning will continue to be fun.

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