Gamelearn, Torchbearer of Serious Games at LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe

Gamelearn is traveling to the German city of Karlsruhe to attend LEARNTEC 2016, one of the most renowned international events in the field of training and online learning. In this new edition, held from January 26th to 28th, the focus will be on training through video games, “The future of education: a culture of digital learning.”

During the meeting (Weiterbildung durch Video-Spiele, die Zukunft des Online-Lernens, in German), 7,000 HR professionals will gather to delve into the latest trends and solutions in the field of corporate training.

Our presence at LEARNTEC confirms Gamelearn’s international vocation. Once again, and for the second time so far this year (after attending the ATD TechKnowledge in Las Vegas), we will present to attendees our serious games on negotiation (Merchants®), time management (Triskelion®) and leadership (Pacific®), pioneers in the development of soft skills.

We did not want to miss Karlsruhe, where issues as important as game-based learning and mobile applications for learning will be addressed, along with virtual classrooms, implementation of LMS, emotional factors in learning, e-learning security, innovation of serious games, adaptation of gamification techniques such as storytelling to serious games and interactive training, among others.

LEARNTEC 2016 will answer key questions regarding training experience nowadays. How will we train in the future? Will these new methodologies be adaptable to technological progress? Will we learn in groups or will we tend to do it individually? The 24th edition of LEARNTEC, the most important international platform on online training, will last three days and 220 speakers from 12 different countries will present their cutting-edge applications, programs and solutions for digital learning.

This event falls within a situation of strong growth of the e-learning market. The new training methodologies continue to grow in line with the unstoppable technological progress. A study by Roland Berger in 2014 ensures that the sector will register an annual growth of a 13% until 2017 [Source: LEARNTEC Press release, 21-Oct-2015].

In fact, there are already about 3,000 companies dedicated to e-Learning only in Europe, and from Gamelearn we lead the global development of serious games for corporate training. The interaction with digital media for skill development is the present and future trend. LEARNTEC will serve to remind us, once again, of the importance of adapting to the new way of learning that individuals and companies are demanding.

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