Gamelearn Travels to the Future of Corporate Training in Mexico

To train managers through video games is real, it works and it continues growing in Mexico. This week, we have presented to more than 200 HR managers of large Mexican companies the innovative “game-based learning” platform that has revolutionized the corporate training market globally. Also, we have taken advantage of the event to define the new trends in corporate training during next few years.

Ibrahim Jabary, CEO of Gamelearn, has been accompanied by 3 great Mexican companies during the launch event, held at El Lago Restaurant in Mexico City. Bayer, Sigma Alimentos and Financiera Independiente which have shared first hand their successful experiences in training their employees through video games.

Game-based learning“, or learning through video games, arises as the natural evolution of e-learning. This learning method integrates theoretical content of the highest quality, advanced simulators and gamification elements in a single format: the video game, also known as serious game.

Within their platform, Gamelearn’s simulators work on the managerial skills most in demand today: negotiation, leadership, productivity, team management, coaching, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication, initiative, creativity, change management, orientation to results, planning, organization, coordination…

These courses in video game format have revolutionized corporate training by combining, in a single format, three fundamental elements:

  • High quality content: each skill becomes a set of techniques, tools and strategies directly applicable to daily work.
  • Gamification techniques such as storytelling, rankings, badges, challenges… in order to increase motivation and achieve the long-desired engagement in the employee through the training.
  • An advanced simulator which represents situations similar to those in real life so that the student can practice each skill and receive personalized feedback with tips for improvement.

Thanks to the video game, the great problem of online training is overcome, with a completion ratio of just 30%. After training more than 100,000 professionals from more than 1,000 companies in the world, Gamelearn gets these results: completion ratio (92%), recommendation ratio (93%), applicability of learning (97%), level of engagement (9.2 out of 10).

After the official presentation of the “game-based learning” platform in Mexico City, the Mexican country becomes a priority market for Gamelearn in its strategy of international expansion. It currently has offices in Mexico, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Peru.

Why is the video game more effective than traditional eLearning?

According to research by Traci Sitzmann, [“A Meta-Analytical Examinations of the Instructional Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulation Games”], the video game becomes the most powerful learning tool:

  • Engages. Through the adventure, learning turns into something entertaining and appealing for students, thus increasing learning retention by a 90%.
  • Builds confidence. Being a video game, the user relaxes and feels safe, increasing their self-confidence by a 20% compared to other learning models.
  • Improves performance. The game dynamics (gamification) motivate students, increasing their effort and improving skill development by a 20%.
  • It is based on practice. The content of the course is fundamentally practical, allowing the student to learn and master the skill better through experiential learning.

Moreover, the report “The 2014-2019 Global Edugame Market ” (Ambient Insight) places “game-based learning” as the trend in training with the highest growth rate in the next four years, ahead of other models: Game-based learning (22%), simulation (17%), cognitive (13%), mobile-learning (12%), reference-ware learning (9%), collaborative (7%), e-Learning (4%).

Significantly, during the Davos World Economic Forum in 2016, major world leaders defined the skills that will be most in demand by companies in 2020: complex problem solving, negotiation, people management, cognitive flexibility… These and other skills are precisely those which Gamelearn guarantees with their serious games.

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