How To Increase Your Productivity Now and in Only 60 Minutes

Improving our productivity is quite a common aspiration. There are many things we want to do, projects we want to carry out, ideas we want to see come true, etc. And to achieve all this, we have not got nearly as long as we think. Discover how to increase your productivity in just 60 minutes:

Time it: 1 minute

Be aware of the time you spend on each task you perform. Look at the time when you start it and, above all, the time when you finish it. You can use a timer or stopwatch to help you focus on the job during the time you have set for it. That way, you will force yourself to meet deadlines, for example: “I will consult this report for 30 minutes” or “I will not be in a meeting for more than 20 minutes,” etc.

Take your time: 5 minutes

Ironic as it may sound, taking time for yourself is important to disconnect and ultimately be more productive. Five minutes off are enough to take a breath and then address that task we have pending. This little habit is a big step for your productivity, because you will reduce your stress and minimize your feeling of strain.

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Review your most recent successes: 10 minutes

When we are having a hard day, it is best to face it knowing that our efforts will be rewarded. The best way to do this is to review our recent successes; think of everything you have achieved so far and gather some strength to do your very best.

Tell what you are going to do: 10 minutes

The most effective way to get a running start is to put words to your intentions. Tell someone what you are going to do and reinforce your commitment to carry it out. Firmly expressing our purposes helps us to stop procrastinating because it defines the following steps and encourages us to take the decision to do it.

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Indulge yourself: 20 minutes

Occasionally, we all need a little something to motivate ourselves, however small it is. A prize to reward ourselves for a job well done or a special effort. Give yourself the occasional treat, a surprise gift to cheer up your day, which can be something simple like a nice dinner when you get home, a short coffee break, etc.

Get comfortable: 5 minutes

Nothing is easier to feel more productive than to reorganize our desktop. In addition to maintaining order and cleanliness, it is also important for us to be physically comfortable in the place where we spend many hours a day. Check that you are correctly seated and meeting the standards of prevention; they are good for your health and efficiency.

Drink water: 1 minute

Drinking several times a day reduces our tiredness and benefits our mind and body. It is best to drink water, but you can also keep yourself hydrated with other drinks such as tea or coffee; just don’t abuse stimulants. Water is the best choice.

Play some music: 1 minute

Listening to music while you work can help you stay motivated and focused. If the lyrics distract you, try listening to songs in a different language or instrumental pieces, like classical ones. A background melody is very beneficial, especially for mechanical or repetitive tasks.

Review your To-Day List: 7 minutes

Check out your tasks list and check everything you have done. Cross out finished tasks and think about what you are going to do the next day; it is time to set priorities for the next working day. Thinking in advance what you are going to do tomorrow will help you not to waste time making hasty decisions.

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Total: 60 minutes

What other steps do you take to improve your productivity? Add them to our list!

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