Join the Exclusive Club of the Most Awarded Companies in Human Resources with Gamelearn

In Gamelearn we end 2016 flush with success! Together with MAN Truck & Bus and LG Electronics, we have won the most important Human Resources awards of the year. New achievements to be added to the rest obtained in 2016, which make our game-based learning training platform the most awarded one in the world.

We take this opportunity to remind you that your company can also join the exclusive club of the most awarded organizations in Human Resources worldwide, as many others have done, such as MAN Truck, MSD or LG Electronics.

The steps are very simple and can be summed up in two:

      1. Contact your KAM (Key Account Manager) or write to
      2. After consulting the annual calendar of awards in HR, you only have to choose the one you prefer and we will take care of your application.

Are you ready to win an award?

awards from Gamelearn's clients

2016 E&E Award to Innovation in Human Resources

LG Electronics and Gamelearn have just been awarded the E&E Award to Innovation in Human Resources thanks to a project that stands out as revolutionary in the field of engagement.

The project, called “Innovate by playing”, is an educational experience that responds to the innovative spirit of the company through training. With this initiative, LG Electronics and Gamelearn have been able to increase employee commitment and motivation through training video games; something which has had a direct influence on the personal and professional development of employees.

As a result, LG has identified an improvement of a 19% in its engagement level, and consequently, productivity in the workforce has increased by a 13%.

The training program implemented in LG Electronics has been recognized as Best Practice at the corporate level by the electronics company. The results obtained by the program were presented at the headquarters in Seoul (South Korea).

2016 Gold HCM Excellence Awards

MAN Truck & Bus Iberia and Gamelearn have just been awarded the gold medal at the HCM Excellence Awards in the category of “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning”.

Both companies, one as the customer and the other one as the provider of the training, have seen their “audacity” rewarded, as they had bet on a revolutionary methodology in the field of work motivation. These awards have precisely considered innovation, creativity and the results obtained by this program based on the development of negotiation and personal productivity skills through video games:

  • 98% of trained employees have increased their work motivation.

LearnX Impact Awards 2016

Gamelearn kicked off the year with an international award from Australia: the LearnX Impact Awards 2016, which recognized the training program designed by LG Electronics as the “best e-learning design in video game format”. This initiative had the goal of increasing the engagement of the workforce (85% of the staff took part in it).

For our CEO, Ibrahim Jabary, this new recognition is yet another proof that the video game “is not only there to entertain, but is also effective to learn and train. Together with LG, we have demonstrated that the game has a direct impact on the growth of the company. We are very proud of being part of such a program”.

The Most Awarded Game-Based Learning Platform in the World

awards from game-based learning platform

This 2016 has also been the year in which we have managed to make our game-based learning platform the most awarded one in the world:

Top 20 Gamification Company

For the third consecutive year, Training Industry has included us in the select club of the top 20 companies in the world specializing in gamification and game-based learning. According to Training Industry, Gamelearn has demonstrated excellence in these areas:

  • Features and capabilities of the gamification products/services.
  • Company size and growth potential.
  • Quality and number of clients/users.
  • Geographic reach.
  • Awards, recognition and competitive differentiation.

Learning! Champion 2016

Ibrahim Jabary, CEO and Founder of Gamelearn, has been recognized as “Innovator of the Year” by eLearning! Media Group. An award to recognize the innovative and revolutionary work in the field of e-learning training. An award that recognizes their innovative and revolutionary work in the field of e-learning and which is given by the market itself: only companies and organizations around the world can vote.

Pacific, the Best Serious Game of the Year

Awards from Pacific serious game

Game of the Year by BEX Institute

Our serious game on the development of leadership skills has been awarded “Best Game of the Year” at the International Business Learning Games Competition in Ireland. Pacific has won out over other initiatives coming from all over the world, thus becoming the best training solution of the year for BEX Institute.

BEX Institute is an international organization present in all five continents and specialized in promoting and developing good practice. Its mission is to help organizations and individuals to achieve better results.

Gold Medal by Learning Design Challenge

Our serious game on leadership skills has received the gold medal at the Learning Design Challenge, organized by the prestigious publication Training Mag. These awards are part of the Online Learning Conference, and the participants themselves have been responsible for selecting the winners of each category: gold, silver and bronze.

Best Gamification Solution 2016 by eLearning! Media Group

Pacific has been included in the list created by eLearning! Media Group as the best gamification solutions of the year for its innovation and revolution in the field of leadership. It is the third time Gamelearn appears in this exclusive list, which is defined only by the votes of companies and organizations worldwide. Because there is no specialist jury, the market itself is responsible for choosing the best training solutions of the year.

Best Serious Game by Serious Play Awards

Pacific, the serious game for the development of leadership skills, has been awarded the gold medal by the organization Serious Play Conference, among over 100 serious games from all over the world.

This is the most important association specializing in Serious Games internationally, and the jury is composed of experts in the development of training games.

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