Mindfulness-based stress reduction: 7 ways to relieve stress

Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a technique designed for our mind to pay attention to the present moment, thus decreasing our stress. The practice of this technique is about reducing our worries about the past and future in order to relieve our fatigue. We tell you the 7 keys to achieve this:

1. Live in the present

Live the moment, forget for a moment about the past and the future. Focusing on the present allows us to be fully aware of what is happening and experience the positive side of the present moment. The aim of mindfulness-based stress reduction is to decrease our stress level through enjoying our own environment and our life in the present moment.

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2. Accept things as they are

The practice of the ‘mindfulness’ technique teaches our minds to fight stress accepting things as they are. Acceptance allows us to realize the real value of things, thus increasing confidence in ourselves.

3. Visualize your goals

When you feel stress at the door, take your time and picture your achieved goals. Why does visualizing goals help fight stress? The reason is that visualizing our goals will help us achieve them.

4. Enjoy everyday things

For example, meals. One of the keys to reducing stress is to take the time to eat, contributing to a good digestion. The mindfulness-based stress reduction technique, by analyzing the present moment, can also help us recognize the urge to eat between meals so we can fight it, which will affect our health in a positive way.

5. Start your day “disconnected”

The first thing many people do to start the day is to look at their smartphones, check their inbox or social networks. Three sources of stress that we can easily avoid. Plan your day, put technology on hold for an effective concentration, and you will see your stress disappear.

6. Slow but steady

Set achievable and realistic goals and celebrate small successes. Shortcuts to success are a chimera. With the mindfulness-based stress reduction technique, you can combat stress by taking small steps that will ultimately lead you to the achievement of your goals. It is better to advance slow but steady than not advancing at all. Reaching the goal is the important thing.

7. Finish the day with good news

Do not go to bed without thinking about the good moments of the day that just finished. Even though it will be the end of the day, you will probably be still stressed, so nothing better than a positive thought to reduce stress. Remember, not all days are good, but there is always something good in every day.

What other keys would you add to reducing stress?

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