Negotiation simulator Merchants: How does it work?

The practical approach of game-based learning courses makes negotiation skills training particularly effective.

That is why Merchants includes a negotiation simulator. The students are able the skills and techniquest they learn in a virtual environment to gain confidence when facing real situations.

In negotiation simulator Merchants, the players turn into the figure of Carlo Vecchio, a young venecian merchant of the XV century. Transformed into Carlo Veccio players walk through the city of Venice and talk with different characters.

The interaction between the players and the game is possible thanks to the simulator. The simulator is in charge of making the situations as real as possible. In this way players are able to create their own response to the game at the same time they receive personalized feedback at the end of each level. The feedback allows players to detect weak points to work on during the upcoming negotiations.

The advantages Merchants offers in comparison to an in-room course are many, the most important are the following:

1. The situations created in the game have been carefully studied so the content has to be learned to progress in the game. So it is not enough to understand the theory but the contents have to be internalized to be applied on each negotiation, this can be done thanks to the game-based learning system.

2. The video game conditions are controlled, which enable players to practice (without cost or risk) to get the best results on each negotiation.

3. The course is for everyone in the team. Each video game level can be overcome in different ways, so those players who have previous knowledge about negotiation will be able to improve their skills and those who face the content for the first time will evolve in a different manner.

4. The interaction with the different scenarios different characters makes the course much more dynamic and engaging.

Simulation is combined with a game-based format and gamification elements to create the most advanced serious games in the market.

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