A negotiation simulator to learn by doing

In the same way as other simulators for corporate training, the main purpose of a negotiation simulator is to create real situations in a virtual world. These situations are created in order to put skills into practice in a zero risk environment.

The level of sophistication of the simulator will be determined by the degree of interaction between the player and the game.

The higher the interaction, the better the learning quality. In the negotiation simularor Merchants, players take on the role of Carlo Veccio, a young merchant in XV century Venice. The simulator allows students to interact with characters and scenarios. Players can create their own responses to the game in the same way the game generates personalized responses and feedback to the player.

The sophisticated simulation used in Merchants makes the learning possible by doing. Students can apply theory in a safe and zero risk environment. Thanks to the simulation students embrace learning and skills are acquired. The most important advantages of a negotiation course like Merchants compared to a traditional training course are the following:

1. Ensures learning. The game situations are carefully created to enhance learning. Students have to understand and learn the theory in order to progress in the game.

2. Practicing is made possible in a controlled environment, so students can try as many times as they like to get the best results each time.

 3. It is for every member of the team. Each level can be overcame in different ways so, those students with previous knowledge will evolve in a different way than those that face the topic for the first time.

4. It is a dynamic and entertaining course. Interaction with the different scenarios and characters makes the course fun. Simulation is a key element in Gamelearn courses. The realistic situations of the game make the course attractive so students enjoy learning.

A fun learning is motivating and therefore is effective.


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