Personal productivity: 10 must-read articles

If you are concerned about personal productivity (you should!), these 10 articles will help you organize your professional life, prioritize tasks, eliminate meetings and work better. Let’s go!

1 – What is productivity?

Before taking another step, we should clarify what we mean by productivity. In principle, the term refers to the capacity to produce something in relation to the resources employed (which should be as little as possible). However, it is essential to go beyond this definition to understand all the implications and principles that we have to consider when using the term productivity.

2 – How to increase your productivity now and in only 60 minutes

We want to do so many things during the day, week or month, but time is a limited resource. How can we manage our time to be more productive? This article gives you a series of highly useful and practical tips so you can get the best performance out of every minute you work (while also reducing stress).

3 – How to stop procrastinating: 10 practical steps

Procrastination is man’s greatest enemy. At least for personal productivity. The fight against it is difficult, but not impossible: keep these 10 tips to stop procrastinating on hand and you will see how you can spend less time at work but finish all your tasks quickly and effectively.

4 – The top 12 productivity apps

Asana, Evernote, Trello, Wunderlist, Gtasks… if you really want to improve your productivity (personal and professional), it is essential that you become familiar with the technology that can help you do so. Whether used for leading and managing the tasks of a group of one hundred, or simply organizing your free time, you must know these applications.

5 – The Getting Things Done system: 6 tips on managing what you don’t want to do

The book Getting Things Done by productivity expert David Allen is considered by many as the productivity and time management bible. What does he recommend doing when you don’t want or cannot perform a task? This article provides various tips that will help you become more productive, manage your time and find solutions to those tasks that you neither want or nor like to do.

6 – Six reasons not to multitask

Multitasking may seem like a good idea (you are doing a ton of things at the same time!), but it really isn’t: it doesn’t let us focus on the essential, we distract ourselves by hopping from one task to another, and moreover we become even more stressed out. If you are still skeptical, read this entire article. Without multitasking.

7 – How to be productive and enjoy your vacation at the same time

Vacations are the time when you can relax, enjoy and disconnect from work, though this does not mean that we shouldn’t plan them well and organize ourselves before going on vacation. It is also essential that we completely disconnect and use vacation time for what it is really for: rest and doing what we really want to do. Only in this way can we attain 100% productivity when we return to work.

8 – Six keys to make the most of lunchtime

Lunchtime is not a dead hour: it is a moment we should fully embrace to disconnect, socialize and recharge our batteries. Follow these six tips to get the best out of this lunchtime hour, during which we often don’t know what to do.

9 – A billion-dollar meeting

How many daily meetings does your company have? Do you know how much money comes out of each one? If you do the math, you will most likely begin to wonder whether they are worth the effort. This article will give you some tricks for really productive meetings and, above all, so you can cancel the ones that aren’t productive.

10 – Seven common mistakes you must avoid to increase your personal productivity

Do you know where to start? Are you hard-pressed to set deadlines? Do you attend too many meetings? If this is your situation, every day you are making mistakes that undermine your personal productivity. Reed this article and fix the mistake as soon as possible.

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