Purpose Games: there's more to playing than having fun

By now, almost everyone knows that games have the potential for much more than just having fun.

Purpose Games, which also refer to an online tool to create and play interactive games, are one of the best examples of the educational side of games.

Educational games

Why do we learn by playing games? The key is that the dynamics of games (competition, rewards, badges, etc.) help us to acquire knowledge easier and in a more entertaining way. These gamification tools are particularly important in the training programmes of companies and public bodies, which can at last turn the dream of learning by playing into a reality.

In a very short space of time, games in which playing is not the main objective have become very popular. Above all, the aim of these educational games is to encourage students to learn while they overcome a challenge and have fun.

Purpose Games: a foundation for corporate training

Given the huge range of games available to develop skills, game-based learning and serious games have seen tremendous growth that very few had predicted.

Purpose games make it possible to create game strategies and apply them to other areas (such as the development of soft skills). The aim is to ensure active learning and to improve the evaluation of the person taking part, without them giving up or losing motivation. This is one of the reasons that educational games for adults are so effective.

Video games are good for learning too

Ultimately, video games are the best purpose games. They are known to increase engagement in a creative and enjoyable way. In fact, games have become the fastest-growing strategy in human resources. Many companies around the world have introduced video game-based training with great success.

In this regard, some of the best examples are the serious games developed by Gamelearn. training courses that are, above all, games with a purpose. The aim of Triskelion is to teach time management and to improve productivity and efficiency, Merchants improves negotiation skills, while in Pacific, the aim is to learn how to lead high-performance teams, and in 2100, our company’s latest hit, the aim is to improve customer service quality.

If you want to learn, you know what to do: start playing!

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