How to start the day productively?

Good morning! Starting the day productively is easy if we know how.

What do you typically do when you wake up? Some people go directly to the kitchen to make the first cup of coffee of the day, others prefer to take a shower, and others check their e-mail or social networks even before getting out of bed.

Establishing a good routine in the morning is essential for creating a good plan that impacts our productivity throughout the day.

If you waste the morning, you’ll probably also waste the rest of the day. The best thing we can do is start with our most important task. If we start by taking care of our priorities, we’ll have accomplished the hardest part first and feel like everything else just falls into place. Doing the most important thing first, and making this a habit, is the best way to ensure that we’ll be successful. The harder it is for you to get going in the morning, the better it is for you to plan your agenda and start off the right foot.

Some tips for starting off your day right:

Eat breakfast

Make it habit to eat a complete and balanced breakfast; numerous studies point to the importance of the first meal of the day. A good breakfast improves our attention span and mood. A cup of coffee or tea is a great morning ally.

The most difficult part is taking the first step

Our day should start by writing out a To-Day list with our priority tasks, when no one is bothering us. Ask yourself: “what do I have to get done today?”. When you find it difficult to define your tasks, the best thing is just to dive in.

Talk to your loved ones

Strengthen your personal relationships before leaving the house, say “good morning”, eat breakfast with other people if you can.

Take a deep breath

Remind yourself what your purpose it, why you do what you do. You might listen to an upbeat song, turn on the radio, watch a motivational video on YouTube.

Inform yourself

Get up to date with information about your business, consult news you’ve set aside for later, take a look at a website you find interesting. This is just a quick look that doesn’t take much time, just enough to keep yourself in the loop.

Get some exercise

You don’t have to go out for a run at dawn, but starting out the day with a quick aerobic routine (jumps, stretches) will help your body pick up energy.

Take advantage of the first hour

When you get to work, don’t waste time at the coffee machine or gossiping with co-workers. Say “good morning” and get to work as soon as possible to make the most of the productivity peak we tend to experience first thing in the morning, when it’s easier to focus your energies on what’s important because your mind is clear. You’ll have time to take a break and relax later.

Avoid meetings first thing in the morning

It’s better to schedule meetings for low-energy times (before lunch or in mid-afternoon) so that we can reserve our attention in the earliest hours for our priorities.

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