The Importance of Time Management for Your Job Satisfaction and Your Employees’

Being productive workers is not only beneficial for our company. Knowing how to properly manage our time makes us happier and improves our job satisfaction. These are the 6 reasons why productivity and time management are so important:

1. Because we do more work in the same amount of time

There is no such thing as too much time. We often wish the day had more hours to do those things we leave undone for lack of time. So, when we are productive and make progress in what we set our minds to do, we are a lot happier.

2. Because we complete tasks on time

Time management is important in order to plan the processes and tasks in our organization. You need to consider factors that will ensure the company is productive, such as the urgency of any particular activity, the need (or not) of carrying it out, etc. Meeting deadlines contributes to our satisfaction and our employees’ because it involves achieving a goal which has been set in advance.

3. Because we stop doing unproductive tasks

There are many studies on the relationship between the performance of a company and its costs, which tend to rise as a result of performing hardly necessary tasks. Surely in our organization we can detect teams dedicated to priority tasks, but we can also see colleagues who spend a lot of time doing unproductive tasks such as answering emails, which is never in itself a priority.

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We dedicate 17% of our working day to answering emails. If we add to this the many unproductive meetings we have throughout the month and the countless breaks and interruptions to which we are subjected every day, our time management gets severely damaged every day.

4. Because we prove our worth

The time management skill of a person is the starting point for good performance and the obtaining of results, which translates into satisfaction inside and outside the workplace. Completing the tasks that we set is an essential factor to prove ourselves. We will also show our leadership if we can properly manage our team’s time and therefore make it more productive.

5. Because we contribute to achieving goals

Finishing our tasks involves achieving a personal goal, but we are also contributing to the general objectives of the entire company. Doing so helps us feel part of the team, like a crew sailing in the same boat. These are all factors that influence the existence of a significant relationship between productivity and job satisfaction.

6. Because the professional and the personal are related

How to give time management the attention it deserves? Our job satisfaction depends largely on being able to answer this question. Our personal and professional lives are not independent, but they are closely related.

For this reason, our productivity affects both areas of life, so if we make time management into a habit, we will be contributing to our efficiency and our job satisfaction. Now, what can we do to manage our time properly and increase our job satisfaction? Take note of these simple tips and discover the importance of time management:

  • Set clear goals and realistic deadlines.
  • Define your personal purpose to focus it on your business activity.
  • Take time to plan, organize and manage before doing.
  • Take note of your mistakes so you will not repeat them and you will learn from them.
  • Check the tools that you have and try to optimize them.
  • Avoid multitasking.
  • Train yourself on productivity and time management.
  • Use tools to measure your efficiency (eg task lists).

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Knowing how to manage our time well and learning how to manage our tasks effectively will satisfy us and the members of our team.

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