Tips to increase your job satisfaction

The International Workers’ Day is celebrated on May 1st and Gamelearn wants to take this opportunity to think a little bit of those aspects that increase your job satisfaction.

Money is not enough

We often think that money is the most reliable indicator of job satisfaction, but many studies have made it clear that money is not the only, nor the most important factor of motivation to go to work everyday.

Arnold B. Bakker, professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), believes that job satisfaction and employee commitment is measured through things like opportunities for development and growth, the variety of skills and the feedback a worker receives on what he does.

The personal and professional growth is precisely the maxim that has led Gamelearn to design their serious games Merchants®, Triskelion® and Pacific®, for the development of management skills and soft skills training.

Over 500 companies around the world have already given their employees the opportunity to grow and develop their skills through these gamificadas tools, whose teaching method based on solving problems in real time, it is one of the mostcpowerful tools for effective learning.

The game­based learning methodology results in increased employee satisfaction and, by extension, in increased worker commitment to the company. To Arnold Bakker, enthusiastic employees “excel in their work because they maintain the balance between the energy they give and the energy they receive”.

  • “Enthusiastic employees excel in their work because they maintain the balance between the energy they give and the energy they receive”. Prof. dr. Arnold B. Bakker

Professor Jane E. Dutton from the University of Michigan, an expert in organizational management and psychology, has researched the performance of job functions. Her research is focused on processes that build capabilities and strengths of employees in organizations. Her research provides three easy ways to find value to our work:

  1. Find your style

It is not about doing what we like, but liking what we do. Sure there are some aspects of your job that you find enjoyable, so try to spend more time doing these tasks you enjoy the most and give 100% of yourself.

  1. Make the most of your workplace relationships

Take time to establish relationships with colleagues, clients and bosses, so that interactions with people around you make sense. Getting more involved personally is another easy way to increase your job satisfaction.

  1. Change the way you think about work

How do you see your work and how do you think about your daily tasks affects your satisfaction you have about it. Focus on the benefits you get from what you’re doing, fight for finding a meaning to your daily function and think you’re part of a team.

  1. Try to be productive

Trying to improve our productivity and learn to manage time is key to maintaining a good pace of work that will help us become better professionals. To achieve job satisfaction we must set our goals even before getting the job. What do we want? What do we expect from a job? Take note of these tips for job search:

  • Listen

Listen with interest and you’ll be able to identify the interests of your interviewer and he will eventually feel more inclined to listen to you.

  • Show sympathy

It is not as obvious as it seems. Beyond the courtesy, be nice and persist without being annoying, but don’t let them override you. By being sympathetic you increase the chances that they decide to hire you.

  • Trying to impose your value

Explain why you deserve what you ask for. Adopt an assertive attitude and avoid being arrogant but still suggest that you worth for the work and highlight your interest in obtaining it.

  • Be prepared for tough questions

Prepare yourself for the possibility of being asked about issues that could turn you on the defensive side, make you uncomfortable or expose your weaknesses. Respond honestly and play with factors far from wages, such as flexible hours, promotion and training opportunities, other benefits, etc. What do you expect from a job? What advice would you share with those looking for an employment?

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