8 Toxic People You Should Keep Away From Your Teams

If they set their mind to it, it only takes one person to spoil the work of a whole team. And your work too. The human factor is becoming more and more relevant within companies, and knowing how to recognize certain behaviors in time can save productivity, performance and resolution of your teams before it’s too late.

You may not be aware of it, but your success and the achievement of your goals are at stake, so you should be aware of certain behaviors of toxic people. These are the 8 types you must avoid in your company, in your teams and, as much as possible, in your life.

1. The full-time critic

No matter how much you try or how well you perform it; it will never be enough. There are people who only know how to criticize and don’t pay attention to what you tell them. What’s more, they tend not to listen, lack objectivity and can not accept being corrected.

2. The know-it-all

Here’s where you can tell the leader who knows how to inspire and motivate others from the arrogant person who lives with the belief that they are above the rest. Knowing is different from imposing. Their convictions can’t be discussed and their behaviors can bring quite an uncomfortable atmosphere into teams.

3. The extreme competitor

Competitiveness among members of a team can be beneficial, unless you meet an extremely competitive person. These people don’t acknowledge the achievements of others, are driven by envy and insecurity and turn their workmates into enemies they must overcome at any cost.

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4. The control-obsessed

In every company, hierarchies must be established and respected. Meeting a person who wants to control everything and thinks he knows everything can cause some stormy situations in any business structure. Their obsession with control stops them from listening and accepting instructions from their superiors. As they say; “too many roosters in the hen house”.

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5. The hopeless pessimist

Positivity is a virtue, and having it within your team, in many instances, can be productive and very beneficial. Therefore, you must keep away from those people who only bring negativity and see things only: black. They steal your energy and question all your proposals, ideas, actions… which ends up affecting your own assurance.

6. The liar

In any team or company, trust in the work of others is a crucial thing. Therefore, you should run away from the person who is capable of lying before admitting that they were wrong. Mistakes are there to be learnt from, and they can make us improve. Lying will only generate more distrust and you will delegate less and less to that person until the situation becomes unsustainable.

7. The verbally aggressive

Or put another way, that person who only knows how to argue. Beyond listening to you or not, they tend to put into question everything you say. They show difficulties when relating to the rest of the team members and effectively expressing what they think. That’s because they don’t communicate; they impose.

8. The one who speaks badly of others

It is usually a common problem within any company, and it can be due to a ‘smear campaign‘ started by one person. A person who feels insecure in the performance of their duties, and would rather attack a coworker than seeing their work compromised.

Perhaps some of these situations ring a bell.

Do you have any of these toxic people in your team? Tell us about it.

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