Work life balance: 7 tips to improve your life

Reach a better work life balance is one of the main objectives to increase your productivity. Follow this seven tips to improve your work life balance and improve your life.

1. Avoid excessive planning

Planning is important to organize the start of our working day and avoid stress at the very beginning. But too much planning takes time to do the tasks we propose. The best way to have a good starting is trying to shorten our “To-Day List” and therefore make our day less stressful.

2. Organize yourself

The key to make our daily work easier begins with a good organization. Put in order everything, from your desk to your email inbox, through meetings schedules to interactions with colleagues. Use apps for effective meetings such as “Brilliant Meeting”, which helps you to set goals and make decisions during meetings to end the wasting hours.

3. Focus on your most important tasks

Focus on the most “profitable” tasks for you, the ones that bring more benefits and avoid time-consuming ones for which you get no reward. Learn to ignore –or draw the line- for those interruptions that only distract and waste your time.

4. Say “no”

In addition to shorten your tasks lists and “To-Day List”, saying “no” is vital to set your priorities and concentrate on the really productive tasks.

5. Learn to manage your E-mail

Emails is one of the things that we spend the longest time in our work. Hence, if we learn to manage it correctly, half of the job is done. This is basic in any time management course. We can start by shorten the answers, and still transmit the complete message.

6. Delegate

Tons of tasks? Delegate. This way you can focus on the most important issues for you while you allow other employees to learn new tasks. Delegate smartly: choose the right people for each tasks that you leave in their hands.

7. Take time out and recharge your batteries

It is impossible to keep the same level of energy throughout the day, so we need to pause and get some downtime. This does not mean wasting time or lower our guard. Making things right is important, getting obsessed with perfection just increases difficulty. So give yourself permission to slow down in order to keep up the pace.

This kind of suggestions to improve our productivity are the base of most efficiency programs for many businesses. Among the most innovative programs we can find the time management simulators like Triskelion, that besides the simulation incorporates the gamification element. The game-based learning is the ultimate trend not only for business training but among anyone who decides to invest in a course to enrich their professional and personal life. Why make an online course where you can have fun with a simulator? Through the so-called serious games you learn and most important: you practice. Plan, organize, say no… in sum: prioritize and achieve balance to give the most of every minute. What are your “tricks” to improve productivity? If you have more tips which you find usefil, feel free to share.

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